How to: Sale shop


After the turkey is eaten, presents unwrapped and games of Monopoly completed you may have some spare time on your hands. Christmas is DYN’s favourite time of year, not just because it is an excuse to wear your finest attire to all those parties but because you can spend your spare cash guilt free.


Well, no one can resist a sale.

Even those who would rather eat their own hands than set foot on the high street, are normally tempted to brave the crowds. But that’s the thing, it really is not that bad. DYN braved the sales this Boxing Day for the first time (what we will do for  a bit of research) and was pleasantly surprised by the chilled atmosphere.

We weren’t the only ones as we spotted many men ducking in and out of the shops clutching bags and bags of bargains. The most important thing about sale shopping is getting in there early as then you really get some good items. If you wait till next week everything will be gone, but not forever as sometimes the most tactical way to sale shop is to wait until the end of January. Then you get all the items people have sent back and reduced even more as retailers want to flog all their stock!


But if you are still left unconvinced here are some of the best online sites that are offering items at a great sale price so that sale shopping could not be easier for you this year!

The best place to buy

a new shirt:

At around £50 sale price All Saints offer luxury shirts with a unique design, perfect to celebrate the new year.

a new pair of jeans:’s?resetFilters=true

With Levis at a mere £30 this website is a must look this season.

a new jumper:

ASOS sales are hard to beat and this January is no different with a range of knitwear that is practically cosy and trendy.

a new pair of shoes:,default,sc.html?redirectQuery=null

Designer shoes at half price? House of Fraser has it sorted.

a new suit: 

With suit jackets under £50 and trousers at £30 hurry to Topman soon before they go out of stock!

If you do get some bargains online please share by commenting below!


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