Doctor Who Style: Who are you?

Doctor Who and Torchwood has been filmed around Cardiff for many years now and has used locations like Millennium Stadium and the Queen’s Arcade Shopping Centre for various scenes. To celebrate this, there is the Doctor Who Experience which is situated next to the BBC building in Cardiff Bay.

As this week is all about exploring the jacket, DYN went down to the experience to find out more about Doctor Who’s timeless style. Luckily the time lord had a jacket or two to share with us.

From the first three Doctor’s are three very different style choices. Clearly the third Doctor’s outfit will not be seen in the pages of GQ anytime soon, but maybe an early plan for next halloween? Doctor one gets fashion points for his necktie which will surely become the next trend after the quintessential bow tie and well Doctor two’s jacket would work with some skinny jeans maybe.

The costume department must have decided to experiment and show off the Doctor’s quirky side through these years. Who could forget Tom Baker and that extravagant scarf (which you can buy in the gift shop FYI) or Colin Baker’s coat which would not have been out of place in Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat? Memorable maybe but here the Doctor is lacking that certain timeless style.


Finally these Doctor’s decided to embrace a style a little less theatrical. The seventh Doctor shows us how to wear a graphic print jumper (they are everywhere in Topman) and the eighth Doctor even shows us how to wear velvet-the coolest fabric to wear this winter if you dare. Finally, and a personal favourite of DYN’s is Christopher Eccleston and that brooding leather jacket. This simple outfit illustrates the mystery of Doctor Who and looks great in any era.

Most recently, and the easiest to get style inspiration from is David Tennant’s and Matt Smith’s Doctor. With the tenth Doctor it is all about layering an easy trend to pick up this season as Tennant wears a huge overcoat, waistcoat, shirt, tie and suit trousers. Its smart and practical but maybe needs a bit more character. Luckily Matt Smith, the eleventh and current Doctor ticks all the boxes. The bow tie, shirt and tweed jackets are all over the high street and it a style that is a great mix of old and new. Quite fitting for someone who can be in the past and future, don’t you think?

get the look

The gift shop offers a chance to buy the jackets you love at a mere..£249.99

So which Doctor are you?


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