How to: smarten up a casual jacket

I have been getting a lot of readers asking what jacket to wear if you need to be smart but don’t want to wear a suit jacket. Luckily the high street have lots of different options to obtain the perfect smart casual.

1. River Island: the bomber

The bomber jacket is very trendy currently and although seemingly casual can be smartened up. Smart casual is all about balance so if you add a shirt and  chinos the bomber suddenly gets a makeover. Luckily River Island have created their bomber jacket in some luxe fabrics too so you can get lots of wear out of it.

wear it with

From left: £25, £40 and £50

2. H&M: the leather jacket

The leather jacket is something that will never go out of style and always look amazing. You can wear it day or night, dressed up or down. The possibilities are endless. DYN chose H&M as a great place to buy your leather jacket from as you can get one for under £40.00. They might not be actual leather, but we wont tell if you don’t..

wear it with

3. Topman: The denim jacket

From left: £50,£45,£50

Although many of you may think that this jacket is far more casual than smart, it actually really depends on what you wear with it. Think cord trousers and if you are feeling brave even a cord shirt.Denim jackets are also surprisingly cosy when you layer up.

wear it with

From left: £80, £30, £65, £10

Top Tips:

1. Always wear a shirt if you want to make your casual jacket work for a smarter occasion. It is simple and effective

2. Chose luxe fabrics. Here DYN has illustrated how a stiff cotton or corduroy can update your look

3. Wear nice shoes. No trainers, it will completely destroy your attempt of being smart/casual

4. Ties are your friend. Although the bow tie might be a scary thought for some of you, buy one that you have to tie yourself and wear it undone. Think relaxed James Bond.

5. Finally, although smart casual is great, assess the situation. Sometimes there is something better than putting on a suit.


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