The trend at Swn Festival: Socks

Cardiff Swn festival was from the 18th-21st October and showcased an array of musical and fashionable talent. At the event on Saturday I kept a close eye on the bands style, keen to see what direction the bands were taking in terms of their image.

First up is Death at Sea, a group which I can only describe as ‘progressive rock’. With five members they took over Undertone in Cardiff, their presence and music equally as intense. Their style was a mismatch of blazers, patterned shirts and un-ironed t-shirts. The image was erratic, obviously trying to convey the different personalities within the band. However they all had made the conscious decision to show off their socks. I was fascinated. This appeared to be a new trend, rolling up your trousers and showing off your white socks in converse trainers. At first I was a bit dubious, but it did make me warm to the band as although their style needed a bit of a shake-up I liked this attention to detail.

And then. I saw socks everywhere. Death at Sea had suddenly opened my eyes to men and socks. Check out my latest street style to see a guy I snapped wearing a  yellow pair.

Then there was The Family Rain. A band which definitely knew how to wear a good sock. Their style was much more contained with smart white shirts, grey blazers and jeans. The flash of white socks against their brogue was the perfect smart/casual combination. If you miss White Stripes and enjoy Black Keys then this is definitely a band to listen to.

I realise I have just spoken about socks for quite a while, and why should you care? Why should men embrace this trend? Well, because it is really easy. You can purchase a cool pair of socks for a couple of quid, roll up your pair of jeans and then you are sorted. Try it for a day, you might just like it.

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